On the go - 30/08/2017, 23:08

A few things have happened since I last posted on the blog. The game isn't ready yet but I have contacted a few artists and worked in adding some features. I still need to pay the artists, which I will do once the game nears release.

I also learned to use Unity through a distance course during the summer.

TBH I prefer my own engine. Takkatakka will definitely be made and released in my own engine, probably future games too. But we'll see, many non-trivial things are still left to be implemented. Skeletal animation for instance. Hopefully things like glTF 2.0 will help.
I am considering Godot for future games but I still need to actually try it. I'm waiting for Godot... 3.0 :P

For a month I have been traveling around with my laptop and visiting places and coding. Though I think it's doable to develop the game this way and it's pretty cool, I really need to be more diligent. There are also some hostels that are pretty good for development and some that are very very bad. It tends to go hand in hand with which hostels are generally good and which aren't.
In the past I used to like Hostelling International's affiliated places but to my great disappointment they've become pretty rubbish now. I'm not booking anything with them anymore and I feel pretty bad because I used to recommend HI to friends. They were good a few years ago, now, not so much.

I'm considering temporarily relocating my "base of operations" within the EU and renting out my place in Gbg. Greece seems pretty cool. We shall see. I think this is mainly for personal reasons.

I have made a script to shutdown my laptop automatically if nobody logs in within one minute of it turning on. This is because the power button is in a location where it gets triggered accidentally very, very often when the laptop is inside a bag. Some hours later, when I want to use it, it is extremely hot and its battery almost depleted. Not cool. (huehue).
Set this autoShutdown script up as a service. Here's a
sample service file (it goes in /etc/systemd/system) .

I am planning/hoping that Takkatakka will be ready in 3 months, but this is by no means a hard deadline for now.

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