Some pictures from playtesting Takkatakka - 03/03/2017, 02:21

Yesterday some good friends of mine came over to see a movie on TV and I asked them to let me take pictures and video while they played the game.

They had a lot of fun and it always makes me happy seeing people have fun with the game. They also found a few new bugs, most of them iOS-specific oops!

It's difficult to see the game because they were huddling over the screen, quite into it. Grabbing hands and sabotaging each other occurred frequently but there was also some cooperative play; right now the game does not impose any rules regarding cooperation but I think a coop mode is definitely good in addition to the competitive mode. I wonder if it is a different interaction if they play in teams.

Over the next days I will edit a video so I can better explain what the game is about, especially to musicians I'm interested in collaborating with :)

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