Takkatakka progress 2 - 27/02/2017, 19:13

I've been working on Takkatakka over the last months and right now it is much more stable and functional than before. Multiplayer works and there are even textures so colourblind people can also have fun with the game.

I'm on the process of getting in touch with some of the artists whose music I'd like to include in the game, although there's a lot to do still.
I want to code different play modes. The ones I have in mind right now are "Challenge" would be when you have a life bar and you must keep it above a certain level to be able to complete the song. In multiplayer it could be co-op, players help each other out to succeed.
"Freestyle" would be what is currently coded: just poke away and watch the score in the end. May the best player win. House rules apply: will you play nice or try to sabotage your friends? Only one hand allowed, perhaps? Up to you, just make sure you have a good time :)

Another thing I want to add is powerups. These will modify how things work. Perhaps one could turn all the on-screen bubbles to become your colour, or to cause your bubbles to give twice as many points, or make the others' bubbles move faster.

It also needs a lot of polishing, an options screen and of course songs, tons of songs!

Speaking about the backend, several systems have been implemented for this game that are now part of the mjEngine and supported in all platforms. Text rendering using freetype, an internal messaging system, separation of game and engine code, support for per-platform packaging in Android and iOS (which is also the basis of having encrypted assets in case it's necessary).

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