First weeks.. porting mjEngineCPP to OSX and iOS - 23/08/2016, 16:07

Hej again,

During the first weeks of my time as an indie dev, I have managed a few things. First, I have almost completed registration of my company. It doesn't have a name yet, because that is the next step (I have two ideas for names, both are tied for now in preference).

Second, I contacted one of my favourite indie artists and she has said we can reach an agreement where I use her music in my game exchange for a certain percentage of the total sales, which makes me very excited. I have been terribly slow in sending her more details about the game, because I wanted to send her a demo. I will have to send her an old prototype, because my idea of making a new prototype is taking a really long time.

Third, I've begun porting mjEngine to OSX and iOS. And I've hit a huge snag with OpenGL on Apple OSes, that I am almost solving now. Apple has always loved to do things differently. So differently, that in my experience, it's far easier to port things from GNU/Linux to Windows and viceversa, than to port from either OS to OSX.
I do not necessarily think that "Different" is better in this context. For now, the mjEngine code probably has more ifdefs for OSX than for any other platform. Anyway, they are important platforms and honestly I'd love to see my games working everywhere. So I continue.

(yes I know Unity exists, it's fine. I may switch to it at some point.)

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