A new adventure - starting a games company - 05/08/2016, 04:36

As I've told nearly everyone who came within earshot of me, I have always wanted to make my own videogames.

The road to get there has been rather long for me, from my point of view, in a way due of external conditions (economic conditions, state of tools, etc) but also in very great part because it's scary. It scares me to create something and put it out there, without the framework and clear guidelines one usually gets in academia and companies owned by someone else, and let it be judged by everyone, without the restraints of person-to-person communication, on the openness of the Internet.
Oh and of course, to have the possibility to completely fail :D

But, as it is one of my dreams since childhood, I decided to take this big step. The decision was taken about 3-4 years ago, then after a short (not-so-short) but somewhat disastrous detour, ratified 2 years ago when I started gathering all the resources.

Finally this year I got a permanent residency permit in Sweden, the place I've I have called home the past ~7 years. Quite a while now.

As it happens this is (almost) a requirement to opening a company here. It IS possible to open a company without it, but it is extremely impractical for someone like me who is non-EU and much more affected by visa delays than EU people and also with not-infinite pockets.

So I have finally left all offices and the automotive sector behind. I am very grateful to Volvo Trucks, Altran and Cybercom, as they are the companies that gave me employment and that in great part make it possible for me to play "Choose Your Own Adventure" in Real Life[TM].

As much as I often ranted about work, these companies are in objective terms, great places to work. I'd say that within the 3 workplaces, 99% of my colleagues were charming, efficient and great to work with. I hope I too have been a good colleague even if occasionally I dozed off during a meeting :P

The projects were also challenging and interesting the great majority of the time (though I won't lie, sometimes I just felt like pulling my hair out :D ) and great learning opportunities in many areas. In particular, the last project I had was a great exercise in learning how to deal with people in local and remote teams and really put me out of my comfort zone, which made me learn a lot of new stuff.

Anyway, without further ado - I literally pushed the "register company" button yesterday (the system to register companies is web-based), so as people would say, IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

For now, the biggest risk is that there's so many things I want to do at the same time so I'll have to maintain focus :)

I'll try to blog more often and share whatever I learn on the way.

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