level boss and the possible return of Calcetin? - 19/09/2015, 04:29

I haven't written here in ages, though I've been regularly posting small messages on Twitter.

I had the goal of adding a level boss before the game's 1st development anniversary. I succeeded, right now there is this meanie waiting for you at the end of the level:

The game engine still needs a lot of work. Right now the boss fight starts without any sort of announcement, which makes it confusing. Cutscenes are a must, in order to explain to the player what is going on. That's probably the part that I will implement next.

Unfortunately the day job has become really stressful and I get back home too tired to really code. But the master plan to become a full-time indie dev is almost ready and will soon be set to motion.

Another project I've been fiddling with the last few weeks is a replacement for Google Music.
Due to me owning a great number of Android devices and one of them requiring to be exchanged twice due to flaws (NVidia Shield tablet), I've run against the "device unregistration limit". I disagree with this limit, so I'll just make my own server. It will be a lot simpler and less user-friendly, but it will work exactly as I want it to. So look for a return of the Calcetin sometime in .. perhaps 2016 :)

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