Some more updates regarding MotorJCPP - 22/04/2015, 02:36

I haven't written about this in a while so now is a good time.

MotorJCPP started as a re-write from scratch of a C++ 3D game engine for Android.
Due to the sad state of the Android NDK's debugging tools, I almost immediately had to port it to GNU/Linux; I managed to get it running on my laptop using the MESA OpenGL ES implementation (Intel driver).

A few weeks ago I managed to make it run also in GNU/Linux with OpenGL 3 (compatibility profile) on the same laptop (Intel driver). There is some funky thing going on between the NVidia drivers so it doesn't work at all on my main desktop machine under GNU/Linux.

Once the GNU/Linux OpenGL 3 port was done, I decided to try getting it to run in Windows. The process was surprisingly non-painful, and now the engine will also run in Windows using OpenGL 3 compatibility profile.

OSX was a natural next-step. However, OSX does not support compatibility profiles, so though the simulation is running, no graphics are visible at the time. A GL3 core profile will be necessary which requires more changes. This will be done relatively soon, although I am focusing more on gameplay and other things (for example, making boxes look more organic and "readable") at the moment.

Once OSX is done I might consider extending it to iOS, although the impossibility of testing on an actual device without the developer license makes the whole process not so enticing.

This is a screenshot of the game's state on Sunday :)

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