Confession: I once trolled a goodbye fika - 17/03/2015, 16:46

Here in Sweden, it is very common to have a "fika" for nearly any reason, but especially when someone leaves a company to work in another place.

A fika is essentially a time one takes to drink coffee or chocolate, eat something sweet (a piece of cake for example) and converse with friends or colleagues. It is usual to have at least one during a normal workday but it can also be had with friends when everyone is free or with a date or what have you.

Anyway, the company where I used to work usually hires many, many consultants for every sort of position. Consultants usually are there for a specific project and then move elsewhere. When workers or consultants leave, they usually do what is called a "goodbye fika" which tends to be much bigger than a normal fika and people from many different areas in a company may be summoned to eat cake. In the case of consultancies, this cake is usually provided by the consulting company itself and in that case it can be branded for marketing purposes.

So there was this consultant woman who had a goodbye fika in the main dining room, big cake, lots of people, etc.
So I am standing in front of the cake, and I see her consulting firm's branding is an edible label. The company's name is 'ASSIGN'. I hesitate. I look around. The troll in me stirs uneasily, reluctant to let go of this golden opportunity. So I cut the bit of the cake with the 'ING', promptly eat it, and wait and see. A couple of minutes later, people are animatedly pointing at the cake and commenting among themselves.

Successful troll is successful.

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