Takkatakka - update 5-ish - 11/06/2014, 16:55

(For some reason when I wrote the previous post I skipped a number and went directly to 4. But it should have been Update 3. So I'm calling this Update 5-ish for that reason.)

I haven't worked so much on Takkatakka for quite a while. The latest change was making the visuals match the scoring. Previously the scoring would be time-based, which meant that whenever there were fast-moving notes, by clicking the person would usually get the maximum score, even if the note was way off the center.

Now I have changed the scoring to be distance-based (i.e. visuals-based), which feels a lot fairer... as well as a lot more difficult :D

And now I need to write a more serious tool to make the circles match the music much better (previously it was disguised, now it's very evident when something does not match _exactly_.


I have been working on my spare time in an app that can listen to voice commands and respond.
My biggest motivation is that I use a CityBike to go to work, and many stations run out of places by the time I am there. Since the official app is of such bad quality (it is ugly, it is slow, it is cumbersome - precisely what you don't need when you're in a hurry and want to decide which path to take on your bike since you need to decide where to leave it), I decided to fix the problem myself. So currently the app will tell me the 3 closest stations with either available places or available bikes depending on what I ask. It does so using the Android TTS system, which is very convenient: I can hear the information while I keep pedaling.

It also does a couple extra things:
- Set alarms
- Open programs and webpages
- Take notes into Google Keep
- Read out weather forecasts
- Open the camera app to take a picture

I am also dabbling with the idea of porting the mjEngine back to C++ but still use it on Anroid. We'll see. :)

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