Takkatakka - update 2 - 24/04/2014, 14:23

It's been a while since I last updated, so I feel I owe it to myself to publish something.

Progress has been a bit slow, mostly fixing bugs and tweaking minor things. The real changes now need a lot more work, they must be implemented "right" because otherwise the game will become unmanageable if I want to modify anything in the future (Which I surely will).

I've also been quite busy with other things, which have distracted me from the game. But I definitely want to finish it.

Anyway, what's new:

- Player number selection at the title screen. Lay down your fingers to increase the number of players :)

- There's a bug right now that confuses the game if more than 4 fingers are laid down on the screen and then removed. Everyone seems to be keen on triggering this bug when I show them the game for some reason, so I'll probably fix it first (it's somewhat embarrassing and confusing).

- The game is way too lenient when it comes to scoring notes that come in at high speed. Since there's very little time to poke the note, nearly any poke results in awarding maximum points, because it will always be very close in time to the note's "ideal" poking time.

- I've noticed vastly different reactions to the game. The best are definitely when playing with 4 people in a café setting. Worst is 1 on 1 with someone who doesn't like games, followed by 1 on 1 on a non-ideal barbecue setting after a less than stellar presentation of the game on my part. So that's something I need to work on.
Also, I think people who are not experienced in programming anything seem to think the game like this takes a very small amount of time to program. Comparatively speaking to an AAA project, of course it does. But not when it's a one-man show. So, note to self: don't get discouraged. There's way more people who have liked the game than those who don't.

- There's a lot of ideas that I haven't written down and that I'm beginning to forget. So I'd better remember them and write them down!!

Next up on implementation: notes that follow non-linear paths. Notes that change colour.


In other news, I've wanted to retake #projectRaduga, I have an idea for a level and some game mechanics.

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