Takkatakka - update 1 - 25/03/2014, 17:46

After managing some real-life things that popped up, I have been working on the game again.

There's some advancements:

- mjEngine(Java) for Android is now public and you can access it here using SVN http://svn.mexinetica.com/mjenginejava/

- Once the scoring system was put in place, it was discovered that the syncronisation between the visuals and the "steps" was way off. So I've corrected that :)

- Basic feedback as to how the player is doing (score and immediate feedback for each tap) is now communicated. Rythm, not yet. But soon everything will pulse to the music!

- Most things are now in place for testing multiplayer. There's a lot of questions here: is a competitive mode interesting? Will it destroy friendships and ruin tablets? Is it playable on a 7-inch tablet or does it require wider ones? Is it better some sort of mirror mode or "interleaved"? Is it good to mix up notes for different players in different places? (Perhaps this makes for a nice co-operative game, trying to not obstruct each other. Then again you could just try to click everything including your friend's notes).

- There was a bug that showed its ugly head (kind of like real life shows its fugly head from time to time) while trying to make the score update with each clicked note: the score texture would become one of the other sprites, then a black square (i.e. an invalid location). After much messing around, I discovered that the error is caused by the fact that each thread has its own GL context, and I never set up for contexts to share objects all together. Events run on their own thread so they would generate a texture that was only present in the events' thread. Then the drawing thread, which is the main thread would want to use this texture but never find it. At first I was puzzled because first of all, I hadn't realised that events ran in their own thread, and second, I didn't know about threads having each, their own selfish GL context. So I decided to update the texture ONLY in the main thread. Which might be also slightly more efficient. But I'll have to learn later how to properly configure the GL contexts to share stuff, just to be sure. This StackOverflow question provided very good insights to solving the problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17221021/glgentextures-returning-existing-texture-name.

- The sprites have head a little touch-up which hopefully makes them look better.

- I am now 30, so I've gotta hurry up with this indie games business, or else everything will become more complicated. :P

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