Takkatakka - update 0 - 18/03/2014, 21:01

Due to some real-life stuff getting in the way, I haven't progressed as much as I'd like with the game; however:
- The XML file interpreter is almost complete. The xml format used by the game is completely specified (in my mind :P ) though real-life testing is still left to be done
- Clicking precision has been improved
- The game no longer switches perspective with the device, which solves a number of problems (and was unnecessary in the first place!)
- Points rewards/punishment system is being thought on
- Multiplayer is being thought of as well, and is the next step in implementation. This is something I want to test as soon as possible. I expect it to be a lot of fun, but it will need to be tested and tweaked

It seems that for a while most real-life events will be pushed slightly into the background, which means I'll be able to use that time on the game.

The graphics have not changed, so no new screenshots at the moment!

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