Importing projects into Eclipse and other nonsense - 23/01/2014, 12:33

I've tried using the File->Import functionality many times and it has ALWAYS failed, no matter what. Even with rather simple stuff such as, "I have this Android-Eclipse project I got from a SVN Repo and I want to use it", it never works.

So what I do is:

1) Checkout the SVN Repo somewhere other than my workspace (Desktop is usually a good place)
2) Create a new Android project in Eclipse. Give it the same name and package name as the project in the SVN Repo.
3) Click "Next" several times
4) Uncheck "Create Activity"
5) Click "Finish"
6) Exit Eclipse
7) Copy the SVN Repo stuff to the new project's place in the workspace, overwriting all that's necessary
8) Open Eclipse and allow it to resolve whatever it feels like resolving. Sometimes it's necessary to use Project->Clean
9) Voilá. No more wasting time.

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