On random grammar/spelling rage - 19/10/2013, 04:24

I'm one of those people who are really annoyed by grammar/spelling mistakes.

In the beginning I used to even point them out to my friends when we chatted via instant messages (ICQ, MSN and so on), but as time went on, realised I was just annoying other people and they weren't making any progress.
So I trained myself to instead of telling them, try to ignore it. Sometimes even laugh about it - there's a set of three words in Spanish which sound almost the same, but are not the same at all. And people confuse them all the time in writing: ahí, hay, ¡Ay!. (I'm getting annoyed in this instant thinking about it, the self-training is maybe not as effective as I thought)
In English, they would mean there, there is/there are, Oh!/Ow!.

The funny part comes when instead of reading it and noticing the mistake, I mentally try to force the mistaken word's sense into the sentence. It becomes non-sensical. Things like "Oh crap!" become "There is crap!". Fun times.

There are however two things that annoy me still. One of my closest friends in Swedish keeps on writing "de" when she should be writing "den" or "det". (And for all Swedish/Swedish nerds out there -- yes I DO know the difference between singular and plural, this is not the case! keep on reading)

"Den" and "det" are the definitive articles and usually stand for "it" in English. For instance, one can say "it wasn't so" as "det var inte så". ("de" would be the plural form of the "the" article)

One of the things that was the hardest for me when learning Swedish, was to distinguish between words that go with "den" and words that go with "det". Unlike Spanish, where nouns have genders and most can be determined by the word's ending ("lA mesA", "el perrO", rules with a few exceptions), in Swedish there are only patterns.

So when this Swedish friend starts writing "de" instead of "den" or "det", it annoys me a lot, because something that took forever for me to learn is blatantly ignored by a native speaker. Here's an example:

"Vad kan de vara för fel när datorn funkar inte?"
Should be
"Vad kan det vara för fel när datorn funkar inte?"


Similarly, errors published "officially" in almost any medium irritates me. Can't people run a spell checker and proof-read it before publishing it?!

But anyway enough ranting for now :D

TL;DR: "Spelling and grammar mistakes give me epic rage"

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