Update - 14/10/2013, 19:47

Since my Twitter is offline for thesis reasons, I will instead publish here (maybe) since I have less chance of becoming distracted.

For the time being everything is still in the air, though the thesis for a fact is being completed before the end of this month.

All good things come to an end. All horrible, eviscerating and damning things, luckily, seem to also come to an end.

The thesis project is in some parts in the former, some other parts in the latter.


In a less important and unrelated theme, I am appalled at the selfishness of many people (generally their comments are downvoted to negative numbers) regarding a rather silly issue involving Limited LoL skins:


It is also kind of nice to see that these selfish attitudes are downvoted. If not necessarily for the best reasons.


Also I did some drawings for something I would like to implement. We'll see. I'm a couple of million things behind on so many other aspects.

Though a fairly basic enemy, it is a lot of work to get something like this done properly.

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