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Has it already been over a year since I last published something here??


Well, never too lake to re-take publishing stuff I guess. I will try to keep this space updated more often.

Here's a quick run-down of a few events in the last year:

* Got a job (since late 2011). It is/was in the Interaction Design area in a large and prestigious company in the automotive sector.

* Got an apartment (late 2012) in central Gothenburg. Nice and all, a bit smaller than I'd have liked but not too shabby :)

* Got fed up with Swedish (and in general, European) winter-time. Snow is nice and all, but the long nights in this northern region has kinda got to me. So it is time to move on. Where? When? We will see.

* Quit job (upcoming june 2013). The job I had was very fullfilling and the colleagues fantastic, but it was not games or computer graphics. And since now I have the possibility to do either for at least a year, time to move on!

* Master's thesis (still dragging on). Ugh. But since quite a lot depends on it, the files have been dusted, re-opened and re-edited.. and there is progress. Slowly and stumbling, but moving on.

* Secret project(s) (upcoming 2013). Revealed perhaps too soon to a few people. I still have to take a final decision. And there's always the question of funding, which could change the decision.

I will use this space for self-motivation and to track progress. Meanwhile here's some assorted pretty pictures of different things:

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