Messing about with the iPod - 07/06/2011, 04:56

Well, I gave in and bought an iPod. My main aim is to build apps and games for it, but I also have to admit it's a very convenient portable music player. Also, the camera while not very impressive is nice for spontaneous stuff since I don't always carry my camera with me. The video quality is quite good actually. Three things I really did not like though.

1) the "Music" app does not play Ogg
2) there is no way to have iTunes convert music from the Ogg format into mp4 on transfer (though with a plugin, iTunes can play Ogg-formatted music)
3) when I synced the iPod from iTunes within my mac partition, the music I had added from my windows iTunes library disappeared from the iPod because the mac iTunes library did not have those files

I really did not appreciate iTunes/mac deleting files from my iPod just because it didn't know about them, so I set out to find something that

1) plays Ogg
2) has built-in file-transfer (since all the apps are sandboxed I can't just drop files into the thing and expect them to work)
3) has NOTHING to do with iTunes

Luckily such a program exists in the app-store so I didn't have to code it myself: Capriccio music player.

It mostly does its job:
- plays Ogg, FLAC and many more
- has an ftp server. Super convenient, no cables or special programs required
- has nothing to do with iTunes. It says it can play media from the iPod music library but it actually can't (it hesitates and crashes if you try to force it). Never mind, I couldn't care less.

There's also an ad-supported, free version.

It has a few flaws which are not much of a problem IMO: files need to be added manually to the playlist, does not do UTF-8 for song data and I couldn't care less about the 3D equalizer settings and display, or the fact that it can play media files faster or slower than usual.

All in all, the app is worth it in my opinion. So if you dislike iTunes as much as me and have your music library 80% in Ogg, get it.

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