My macbook startup kit for GNU/Linux - 06/05/2011, 06:47

Installing GNU/Linux on my Macbook computer is a huge PITA. So after much experimentation I came up with this set of files, in case I ever require to reinstall GNU/linux on this machine.

The first file (41 MB) contains
- A readme which instructs me to get GCC-4.3 and set export CC=gcc-4.3
- An STA-broadcom driver which works (latest as of today)
- The AppleUSBVideoSupport file which can be used to extract isight.fw for ift-load
- isight.fw for the lulz.
- grub_efi from Ste in the Ubuntu forums. The one who actually got GNU/Linux working on my computer.
- linux-image package which plain works. No isight or sta-broadcom funkiness.
- NVidia 190.53 since it's the last driver I got to work which respected the brightness settings instead of frying my pupils. I might experiment with a few later versions but 270.* is confirmed as pupil-frying so I'm not too optimistic about that.


The second file (170 MB) is the entire compiled kernel tree for the NVidia & STA-broadcom drivers to compile properly, without hassle, and without having to wait for the kernel to compile.


The only thing the kernel doesn't do properly but modern kernels do, is sleeping and waking up twice. Oh well.

This blog post is mostly for me, since I might forget where I put the files otherwise, but it might be useful for other people too.

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