Impressed - 09/01/2011, 15:31

So I just thought maybe I'd try to publish more often, even if it's not about technical or especially noteworthy stuff.

So today it is this: I'm impressed about the efficiency of the water tubing repair services in Sweden. The water pipe broke down yesterday (or today? I'm not sure), and right now it is Sunday midnight and there's people working outside the building to let us have our water supply tomorrow morning.

In México water leaks take years to repair, if ever, and people need to protest and block highways when their water supply is suspended -- for more than 2 weeks -- (no I'm not exaggerating).

On an entirely different subject altogether, I fell in love with a character in League of Legends. Lux. I can be super annoying when I play in LoL as her. Haha. Her alternate outfits/skins suck though. Maybe because the original one is so good.

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