Interactive floor - exhibition - 21/05/2009, 04:46

As I wrote on a previous post, 2 weeks ago me and my fellow Interaction Design Project students from Chalmers University of Technology had an exhibition where we showed the projects we built during this semester's course.

This exhibition was open to the public and was also part of Göteborgs Vetenskapfestivalen ("Göteborg's Science Festival"). I estimate around 30-40 visitors per day on average came to see our projects, which ranged from videogames to emotional pillows and even a robot!

I was in the Interactive Floor team. Our project consisted of a projector pointing towards the floor (we put it on the upper floor and used a mirror) and a webcam (also located above) connected to a computer. People can then play with the images being projected under their feet.

Our goal was to explore how people can interact with such a device; for that effect we developed 4 different small games that work with our tracking software.

Here are a few pics and videos of people playing on the software. Mostly children, since they came rather unexpectedly, had the most fun...... and gave the tracking system _QUITE_ "a run for its money"

Children playing Personzilla in the Interactive Floor from Alejandro Valenzuela on Vimeo.

Interactive Floor - children at the exhibition from Keyvan on Vimeo.

If you're interested, you can download the source code for the whole project (and play squishing tanks with your head using a webcam, since I doubt you'll be able to play pong with your eyelashes) by pointing your SVN client to . This works for both GNU/Linux and Mac OSX.

I'll upload build and usage instructions and binaries ASAP.

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