Mexico Senate approving polemic laws while the influenza outbreak goes on - 02/05/2009, 14:38

On the 30th of April, the senate approved a law which allows the Mexican Federal Police to tap into phone and cell lines (including geographical location of caller), as well as internet snooping, after being authorised by the Federal Public Ministry (not that they are not already tapping whomever they want, as some cases have occurred in the past..).

It also allows the use of undercover agents, which means it will be even harder to know who is who (not that there is much distinction nowadays).

Short of giving us "..a more reliable Federal Police..", I believe this will only lead to more human rights abuses. And the fact that it was approved at such a moment in time is highly suspicious..

Links in Spanish: La Jornada | El Universal.

Law-making, "madruguete"-style. Shame on them legislators.

(I'd heard the story from conspiracy theorists' e-mails but refrained from publishing it until I could cite official sources. Which happened today, as someone else in pointed them out)

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