Project: Interactive floor / Interaction Design Expo '09 - 29/04/2009, 12:16

As a requirement for the Interaction Design Project course, my team and I designed this project which we call the Interactive Floor.

The system tracks people walking over a projection which interacts with them. It is comprised of a webcam, a computer running a POSIX-compliant OS (in our case GNU/Linux and MacOSX, though with some adjustments it might run in Windows as well), OpenFrameworks and Processing (Free Software frameworks), and a beamer.

Here are a few videos of some basic apps:

Interactive Floor - Pong from Keyvan on Vimeo.

Interactive Floor - Prisoner's Dilemma from Keyvan on Vimeo.

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This is a group project - our team is comprised of Mohamad Ardavan, Eelke Boezeman, Amir Chamsaz, Keyvan Minoukadeh and me, Alejandro Valenzuela.

This project will be exhibited at the Interaction Design Exhibition '09, 6-8 of May, at Lindholmen Science Park, Göteborg - more details, as well as other team's projects, are here:

Our project's official website is, and we also have a development blog located at

I've been working mostly on the infrastructure but I'm also developing an app for it. I'll post more details later :)

The source code is available here:

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