TransApply; ApplyTrans - 28/01/2009, 10:56

Just a few days ago I managed to find out why when trying to render the Lanjobot in the wii, it came out plainly odd: libogc's TransApply operation did not work as expected.

After re-implementing the usual matrix multiplication as well as the rotation matrix I finally implemented the translation matrix and discovered the "culprit". I first thought the libogc (OpenGameCube - used for Wii homebrew as well) developer had made a mistake in implementing it, but then it was clarified what he actually wanted to do with TransApply.

While out of my addiction to OpenGL I expected TransApply to be the usual "Matrix X Translation" operation, TransApply was coded as "Translation X Matrix". So now a new function has been added to libogc, called ApplyTrans.

More details here:

Note to self: "proof before you leak".

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