New twilight hack - 24/11/2008, 14:08

If you accidentally updated to System Menu 3.4, there's a new version of Twilight Hack, which will enable homebrew yet again :)

Turns out Nintendo fixed some bugs, but added some others. Wait, wasn't that called a "feature"?

In other news, on Friday a "big friend" of GNU/Linux came here to Göteborg. Some friends from the student house and I had planned to go to Park Lane (a disco) but just before taking the bus we changed our mind and went to a polish friend's polish friend's apartment and ate something I cannot spell.. yet (don't worry, it didn't look indecent). Maybe not using the polish remover in a while can be a good idea, because he was there..

(mx.planetalinux friends: Due to my crappy RSS feed you need to view my site directly for most links to show up.. :) )

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