MotorJ support for Nintendo Wii - 06/10/2008, 07:31

A large part of the MotorJ framework is now working on the Wii platform thanks to DevkitPRO/DevkitPPC and libogc!

While most of the time users will be testing their developments by wirelessly sending them using the HomeBrew Channel wiiloader, I also included a sample apps structure, compatible with the HBC menu:

Since MotorJ is sorta married to OpenGL and OpenGL seems much easier to use than GX (the libogc API), I have re-implemented a bit of OpenGL over GX, as you can see in the next screen, showing (surely mind-boggling) 3D graphics:

Currently only a handful of OpenGL instructions are supported, but I will be adding more as I carry on developing stuff.

I still haven't decided how to integrate the Wiimote and available accesories (the ones supported by wiiuse, that is) into the motorJ event structure ('coz they're so strange, you know?), so for now you must read them using Wiiuse directly, because the only button reported at the moment is the HOME button, which is linked to the "quit" motorJ event. Next svn commits will focus on connecting wiiuse with the framework.

To get the framework, create a directory called "framework" in your home directory, open a terminal and write "svn co".

After SVN finishes downloading the code, cd to motorj/trunk/wii and run the build environment installer.
To populate the environment variables, you can use "source ~/.profile" though it's better if you simply logout and log back in.

The new project creation script is also located in the motorj/trunk/wii directory.

(By the way, the same procedure can be used to build for the Nintendo DS platform, but changing motorj/trunk/wii for motorj/trunk/ds)

Currently the framework supports mostly just building on GNU/Linux, but I expect to bring the Windows build environment up to speed pretty soon (Devkitpro offers build tools for both GNU/Linux and Windows, and MotorJ is supposed to support both building on Windows for other platforms and building for Windows)..

I also hope to update the (shamefully derelict) MotorJ official webpage at LIDSOL wiki soon and add the API reference. Yikes!

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