Thesis - Development of Framework and Proof of Concept for the Nintendo DS console (Mendieta, Valenzuela, 2008) - 06/09/2008, 13:28

I've wanted to release this since a long time ago (more than a month :Z) so instead of waiting for the "right time", without any further ado, here is our (Hugo Mendieta and me) thesis, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license (CC-by-SA

/archivos/motorJ/Tesis Mendieta-Valenzuela.pdf

In theory, you should be able to download it faster from here:

But it seems to me there's some kind of problem with the router in the lidsol lab.

It's in Spanish. Its title in English would be "Development of Framework and Proof of Concept for the Nintendo DS console".

Basically Hugo and I set out to develop a framework (libraries, code, tools) to help people create games for the Nintendo DS in an easier way. We used DevKitPro, DevKitARM, libnds, libwifi, libfat and the Ogg Vorbis tremor library, and we also updated, extended and corrected MotorJ (so now it's more than a multi-platform engine - it's a framework).

If you want to check it out, you can use subversion on this URL: then make sure you have wget installed and run the motorj/trunk/ds/ (yeah, for now it's GNU/Linux-only, but I have plans to make sure it works in Windows too in order to be as inclusive as possible, just got too much stuff happening right now) and then trunk/ds/ If you don't have a Nintendo DS or tools to run homebrew games, you can try out emulators like DesMuMe (try your distro's package manager, both Debian and Ubuntu have DesMuMe packages). MotorJ for PC works fine in GNU/Linux and FreeBSD, but I haven't had the opportunity to check if it still compiles in Windows using DevCPP (the ClientSocket class might complain because it uses POSIX-style functions).

I think I won't have much time to translate the full thesis to English, though I'd really like to.

I'll try to post more info and update the MotorJ project page soon!

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