Ready or not, new MotorJ comitted. - 26/12/2007, 01:19

"New scheme. New version. Lots of stuff to do"

I decided it's been simply too long since I've been blabbing about the "upcoming version" of MotorJ, so I have comitted it in its current state.

It has lots of new stuff (mainly design error corrections :P), _LOTS_ of bugs squashed (mainly in the final school weeks since two big school projects were done), and a completely new directory scheme:

After much thinking, I decided to drop everything inside the svn server (still accessible if you want to -svn is like a time machine-, but not recommended) and start with the two main directories every big svn project has: trunk and branches.

Inside the trunk directory I've placed the PC_SDL architecture files and the nintendo DS placeholder (the code will probably be re-ported since many changes have taken place).

I have finally decided to use gl-style naming for functions and data types: mjFunctionName() and MJdataType.

The API is not stable yet, though most functions appearing with the previously mentioned style are extremely likely to remain unchanged in future revisions.

The Universe class and the universe-switching procedure had some overhaul since they "did not work as advertised". Now they _DO_ and it's been "field-tested" by a school project.

The documentation is not done yet, but I have been offered some help from a school friend ("pato"). And the holidays are coming to an end which mean I'm likely to start hacking on this project soon (and thesis work).

There is also a bit of progress on the CONSOL'08 submission, it seems likely to be approved provided I do the workshop planning in the coming weeks.

If you want to get the newest version of motorJ, checkout the code using your favorite svn client at .

Further instructions (in spanish) are available in this LIDSOL wiki HOWTO: and the MotorJ Official Project Page (in spanish too),

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