SDL Installation HowTO updated, Additional projects docs mirror, last day to send CONSOL'08 proposals - 03/12/2007, 11:20

I've updated the SDL How-To installation procedure document (In spanish) to cover all the additional libraries needed to compile the upcoming version of MotorJ.

lidsol/Instalacion de SDL.pdf

I put extra effort in the section covering SDL Installation in DevC++, since I noticed the DevPaks I thought were simple to install, were acting strange (strange as in "SDL_Net deinstalling SDL's main DevPak" and "some DevPaks not being DevPaks at all, but zipped files").
But now after profesionally and absolutely cutting-edge extensive trial and error there is at last a collection of packages that are easy to install more or less updated and practically error free (there's a slight annoyance with libpng*.dll, but I hope it won't be much of an issue).


Since which contains the documentation for the additional SDL projects (,, and, has been offline for a while and I couldn't find the documentation anywhere else, I've decided to mirror the documentation files here in my web page. They're probably not the most recent ones, since they were taken from the DevC++ DevPaks, but it's definitely better than not having them at all.

Once comes back online, I'll update the docs in my page.


I've also sent my proposal for a 4-hour workshop of MotorJ in CONSOL'08. We'll see how it turns out :)

(Today is the last day, so send your proposals NOW by logging in to

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