Building / Compiling Xournal 0.4 on FreeBSD - 25/08/2007, 15:03

Luckily, the patches I had written for Xournal 0.3.3 still work and the instructions are the same:

0) You need the following programs and versions (all of them available in ports):
autoconf259, automake19, aclocal19, autoconf259, pkg-config, GTK+-2.0, libgnomecanvas, libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui

1) Download Xournal-0.4 from ; extract the contents of the package somewhere.

2) Download these patches: xou

3) Decompress xournal-BSD.tar.gz so that its contents end up in the same directory as the INSTALL file (generated decompressing the sourceforge package).

4) Run from a terminal situated where the files are.

5) Run gmake install in the same terminal (as root)

6)That's it. Now you can run xournal from another terminal (or just su into your own user again).

The script does the following actions:
- Patch so it will employ the particular autotool versions
- Patch in order to remove a syntax error (?)
- Execute
- Patch the resulting Makefile, with the CFLAGS provided by pkg-config to enable it to find the necessary libraries and *.h files
- Execute gmake

Finally the user is left to run the last step (gmake install) if everything worked all right

I might try comitting this to ports if I find enough time. I've always wanted to make a port of several things (mainly tablet-PC-related stuff)..

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