About the author - Alejandro Valenzuela Roca - 22/03/1984, 09:45

Hello! my name is Alejandro Valenzuela Roca.
I'm a Videogame Engines development enthusiast; I studied Computer Engineering at the Engineering Faculty of the National Autonomous University of México (FI UNAM), and am now finishing a master's in Interaction Design (Game Design track) at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
I'm also a Free Software enthusiast, so most of my projects' code is public :)
I like learning languages, cycling and reading (I'm a big fan of Murakami, Arthur C. Clarke and José Agustín).
I enjoy music of all kinds, mostly electronica from independent artists such as Vate and Grace Valhalla.

You can see most of my present and past projects here: /projects

I also publish some of my ideas through Youtube; my channel is: youtube.com/lanjoe9

About this blog

This blog is mostly about development on my projects, games, but also occasionally about Free Software and sometimes even about my own life :P

You can reach me at lanjoe9 @at@ mexinetica .dot. com