Some pictures from playtesting Takkatakka - 03/03/2017, 02:21

Yesterday some good friends of mine came over to see a movie on TV and I asked them to let me take pictures and video while they played the game.

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A glimpse of Takkatakka running on several devices - 28/02/2017, 16:58

I updated the iOS build today, it was easier than expected. I wasted most of the time in getting the lousy version of svn included with XCode to work with my server than actually bringing the game up to date.

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Takkatakka progress 2 - 27/02/2017, 19:13

I've been working on Takkatakka over the last months and right now it is much more stable and functional than before. Multiplayer works and there are even textures so colourblind people can also have fun with the game.

I'm on the process of getting in touch with some of the artists whose music I'd like to include in the game, although there's a lot to do still.

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Test of new blog system - 18/02/2017, 15:33

This is a test of the new bloginetica version

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Takkatakka progress - 02/10/2016, 23:47

While I feel I'm behind schedule, I have made some progress. The game can now load and play most of the old prototype's files.

Multiplayer and poking bubbles isn't yet in place. But it will be coming soon.


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